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Airline Timetable Delay statistics
> ArrivalsFlightOriginTime
MondayPG106Samui (TH)09:05
MondayPG272Phuket (TH)11:40
MondayPG204Lampang (TH)11:50
MondayPG262Krabi (TH)12:00
MondayPG932Phnom Penh (KH)11:35
MondayPG126Surat (TH)12:20
MondayPG132Surat (TH)13:05
MondayPG166Samui (TH)19:42
MondayPG220Chiang Mai (TH)20:20
MondayPG278Phuket (TH)20:30
MondayPG936Phnom Penh (KH)20:30
MondayPG172Surat (TH)20:45
TuesdayPG106Samui (TH)08:45
TuesdayPG204Lampang Airport (TH)11:50
TuesdayPG262Krabi Airport (TH)12:00
TuesdayPG126Samui (TH)12:20
TuesdayPG140Surat (TH)13:30
TuesdayPG306Trat (TH)14:00
TuesdayPG170Surat (TH)17:30
TuesdayPG208Lampang (TH)17:41
WednesdayPG124Surat (TH)11:10
WednesdayPG272Phuket (TH)11:40
WednesdayPG932Phnom Penh (KH)11:35
WednesdayPG204Lampang (TH)11:50
WednesdayPG262Krabi (TH)12:00
WednesdayPG140Samui (TH)13:30
WednesdayPG306Trat Airport (TH)14:00
WednesdayPG170Samui (TH)17:12
WednesdayPG208Lampang Airport (TH)17:41
WednesdayPG51Tokyo (JP)20:48
WednesdayPG214Sukhothai (TH)19:00
WednesdayPG278Phuket (TH)20:30
WednesdayPG220Chiang Mai (TH)20:16
WednesdayPG936Phnom Penh (KH)20:30
WednesdayPG172Surat (TH)20:45
WednesdayPG184Samui (TH)21:40
ThursdayPG124Surat (TH)11:10
ThursdayPG274Phuket International Airport (TH)16:00
ThursdayPG146Surat (TH)16:35
ThursdayPG934Phnom Penh (KH)16:50
ThursdayPG278Phuket (TH)20:30
ThursdayPG174Surat (TH)20:50
ThursdayPG936Phnom Penh (KH)20:30
ThursdayPG172Surat (TH)20:45
FridayPG106Samui (TH)09:05
FridayPG124Surat (TH)11:10
FridayPG216Chiang Mai (TH)11:25
FridayPG272Phuket (TH)11:40
FridayPG932Phnom Penh International Airport (KH)11:35
FridayPG218Chiang Mai International Airport (TH)15:25
FridayPG146Samui (TH)16:35
FridayPG934Phnom Penh International Airport (KH)16:50
FridayPG170Surat (TH)18:50
FridayPG214Sukhothai Airport (TH)19:00
FridayPG166Surat (TH)19:25
FridayPG220Chiang Mai International Airport (TH)20:20
SaturdayPG216Chiang Mai International Airport (TH)11:10
SaturdayPG124Samui (TH)11:10
SaturdayPG272Phuket (TH)11:40
SaturdayPG932Phnom Penh (KH)11:35
SaturdayPG306Trat Airport (TH)14:22
SaturdayPG134Surat (TH)15:35
SaturdayPG274Phuket (TH)16:00
SaturdayPG214Sukhothai Airport (TH)19:06
SaturdayPG166Surat (TH)19:25
SaturdayPG278Phuket (TH)20:30
SaturdayPG936Phnom Penh (KH)20:30
SaturdayPG174Surat (TH)20:50
SaturdayPG172Surat (TH)20:45
SundayPG306Trat Airport (TH)14:00
SundayPG170Samui (TH)17:30
SundayPG208Lampang Airport (TH)17:45
SundayPG1162Surat (TH)18:20
SundayPG166Surat (TH)19:25
SundayPG220Chiang Mai International Airport (TH)20:20
SundayPG278Phuket (TH)20:30
SundayPG936Phnom Penh (KH)20:30
SundayPG174Surat (TH)20:35
SundayPG172Surat (TH)20:45
Disclaimer: the above timetable is given as an indication. Furthermore, codeshared flights may not be displayed.

The last delays recently noted:

AirlineFlightDelay on departureDelay on arrival
PG932 on 06/2022
PG218 on 06/2022
PG274 on 06/2022
PG306 on 06/2022
PG220 on 06/2022
PG274 on 05/2022
PG208 on 05/2022
PG166 on 05/2022
PG220 on 05/2022
PG208 on 05/2022
PG262 on 05/2022
PG204 on 05/2022
PG932 on 05/2022
PG306 on 05/2022
PG274 on 05/2022
PG306 on 05/2022
PG140 on 05/2022
PG166 on 04/2022
PG220 on 04/2022
PG184 on 04/2022
PG184 on 04/2022
PG278 on 04/2022
PG278 on 04/2022
PG1190 on 04/2022
PG936 on 04/2022
PG220 on 04/2022
PG932 on 04/2022
PG204 on 04/2022
PG262 on 04/2022
PG306 on 04/2022
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Wind: WSW at 14km/h
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