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Thailand: Chinese pangolin fever situation

Chinese pangolin fever (CPF), a coronavirus-type viral disease from China referenced COVID-19, has spread around the world since winter 2019-2020. The impact of the epidemic on travel and the activity of airports and airlines is significant. It is essential before any cross-border trip to inquire about the administrative arrangements made by the authorities which may restrict your trips.

Situation on 17/04/2021 04:20

Confirmed cases:

Today Evolution // D-1
39038 + 1585

Total deaths:

Today Evolution // D-1
097 + 0

Total recovered patients:

Today Evolution // D-1
26873 + 0

Total people affected in the country during the epidemic:

Today Evolution // D-1
12068 + 1585

Chinese pangolin flu fatality rate in the country:

percentage of deaths compared to all people tested positive for the virus referenced COVID-19

Statistical evolution of the Chinese pangolin flu epidemic in the country (Thailand)

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